Life, Pain and Changes..


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hingWith surgery done I had no idea a birthday milkshake could bring me down.

SEX w/ Annie


So when there are two kinds of pains, and one is going to hurt you and the other is going to change you which hurt do you choose?

Well I didn’t have a choice. When I went for this spine surgery all I know is that I woke up in miserable pain. I felt like I’d been kicked in the back fifty times with hard boots, and then kicked some more for good measure in the stomach too.

Then the fun started. The nausea kicks in and you just keep thinking what on earth have I done to deserve this? When it finally stops you feel a huge weight lift off of you.

But then two days later your BFF hands you a birthday milkshake. Yes It was for my actual birthday, March fifteenth to be exact. And It was an actual vanilla milkshake with sprinkles. So I drank…

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12 Things My Grandmother Told Me Before She Died

We could all learn a thing or two from this grandmother. And our own..

“As I learned from growing up, you don’t mess with your grandmother.”  – Prince William

This weeks post was written by Marc

  1. Breathe in the future, breathe out the past.  No matter where you are or what you’re going through, always believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Never expect, assume, or demand.  Just do your best, control the elements you can control, and then let it be.  Because once you have done what you can, if it is meant to be, it will happen, or it will show you the next step that needs to be taken.
  2. Life CAN be simple again.  Just choose to focus on one thing at a time.  You don’t have to do it all, and you don’t have to do it all right now.  Breathe, be present, and do your best with what’s in front of you. …

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Wish Me Luck..

A friend of mine told me to keep thinking, Only healing hands will touch me. So that’s just what I’m doing..

SEX w/ Annie


Sorry! No Sex here. Life just keeps getting in the way.

I’ve been a nervous wreck for the last month. And this week it’s gotten worse.  You see I’ve or we’ve thought about it and decided that it’s now or never.

I’m having a minimally invasive spinal fusion on March 12th. At an out-patient surgery center in Altamonte Springs, Florida. We met with the Doctor here in Jersey in January. And I really think he can help me. No bad vibes, he’s confident and cocky at the same time. And he’s even given us his personal cell phone number for questions. Yes we called him to see if he had given us the real number.

You all know that we are trying to get things in order so we can leave NJ and move to Florida. We had plans to leave this month, but with my Mom so sick with…

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Ten Good Reasons For Using A Pen name

Do you have a pen name or do you use your real name?


Ten Good Reasons For Using A Pen Name

1) Your real name is Max Steel – but you write romances.
2) Your real name is Beatrice P. Feathersoft – but you write extreme slasher fiction.
3) Your real name is a swearword in seventy languages.
4) You don’t want your mum finding out you write erotica.
5) You don’t want your spouse finding out you write about them behind their back – under the category “psychological horror”.
6) You don’t want everyone in the pub knowing you like writing science fiction and fantasy because they’ll called you “Sheldon” and mock you forever.
7) You don’t want everyone reading your new horror story believing you are a psycho.
8) You want to win a prestigious literary prize for your serious literary novel – but you also like writing about fairies and witches.
9) You write about fairies and witches – but…

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Do You Have Your Copy of Madame Gretchen? – A Sexual Being : A Sexual Being


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Do You Have Your Copy of Madame Gretchen? – A Sexual Being : A Sexual Being.

Check out Kayla Lords newest book..

Things You Must do as a Writer, a Post by R. Clint Peters

R. Clint Peters gives writers some great advice..

The Author's Club Blog

As part of my continuing efforts to become a better writer, I have discovered another set of suggestions for being a better writer.

Know the Fundamentals of Writing

Every writer must know the fundamentals of punctuation, grammar, and spelling.  This is not to prove you were listening in class, but to assist your reader.  If they are constantly looking for your mistakes (I’ve done that a few times in some of the novels I read), you lose your credibility as a writer, and you will lose your readers.

Build a Burning Desire to Write

A writer exists to write.  Even on my worst days, I am still thinking about one or two things I can change with the book I am presently editing.

I am editing (for the fifth time) my first professionally published book, The Alberta Connection, a Ryce Dalton novel.  It was published almost two years ago…

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Albino Alligator


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Kendall Parson always writes from the heart. From an albino alligator to Patrick Henry’s, “Give me liberty or Give me death”, ending with a mom being a casualty of war while shielding her child.

Every week Kendall brings us stories to make us think about the connection we all have . We are all from the same neighborhood. It doesn’t matter if a story is from Jersey, New Orleans, California or across the deep blue sea. We are all in this world together.

Body Betrayal? Sexy Sunday #52

Life is waiting for us. It’s the waiting, the worrying, and the thoughts of moving on without the one person whose been there from the start that is breaking my heart.

SEX w/ Annie


I love it when my body betrays my mind.

It’s a kind of freedom that lets me be who I am or who I was always afraid to be.

And Yet he knows that.

And always has known that about me.

How is it that he knows when I need his touch the most?

Does he secretly read my thoughts?

I don’t know what I would have done without him all these years.

And especially these past ten months.

The way he walks over and touches me gently and kisses me on the head.

He knows the stress I’m under is tremendous.

I thank my angels that he does.

Without his unconditional love I would have fallen by now.

But not today, not while I have his hand and his loving arms to always catch me.

We won’t give up now not when we are so close and almost there.

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Meet and Greet Sexy Blog Thread


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If you have a sexy blog that has anything to do with kink, BDSM, D/s, submission, Dominance, relationships, eroticism, fantasies, Kinky romance, Photography and of course Sex then keep reading.
Yes, I’m encouraging you to post your blogs URL with a SHORT description in the comments section so that others will see it.
This will be a Self Promotion page for the sexy, erotic, and kinky people of the blogging world.

SEX w/ Annie


I have had a few bloggers who just are just starting their sexy blogs on WordPress,  and another on a totally separate blog who have asked me the question: “How do people find me?”

So I thought I would try to help and do as the HaRshReaLity blog does.  And that’s open up my own blog page to other Sexy bloggers of the kinky persuasion as a kind of meet and greet for sexy blogs.

HaRshREaliTy has been doing this for any kind of blogs for a year now, and it’s working. So it’s a good idea to check out his blog too.

If you have a sexy blog that has anything to do with kink, BDSM, D/s, submission, Dominance, relationships, eroticism, fantasies, Kinky romance, Photography and of course Sex then keep reading.

Yes, I’m encouraging you to post your blogs URL with a SHORT description in the comments section so…

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