I can’t believe the week we’ve had.

SEX w/ Annie

c2eed1e58854ba6245ff1dc5188fc7a2It’s been a very long strange trip for both of us. And when I say both of us I mean my hubby, Nipster and myself. So if you’re wondering why I didn’t post a sexy Sunday this week I will tell you.

On the 5th of May we lost my father-in-law after a short illness. He went into the hospital with sepsis. Then came out. Then went back in two days later. This time he didn’t come out alive. He lived with 15% of his heart for over fifteen years. Such a good man..

Then this week May 12th we lost my Mom after a year-long battle with lung Cancer.

Yes I was with her. And yes I told her to go and be with my Dad.

It feels strange for both of us to not have parents.

I’m now waiting for signs that they’ve both reached their destination.


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