Do you have a pen name or do you use your real name?


Ten Good Reasons For Using A Pen Name

1) Your real name is Max Steel – but you write romances.
2) Your real name is Beatrice P. Feathersoft – but you write extreme slasher fiction.
3) Your real name is a swearword in seventy languages.
4) You don’t want your mum finding out you write erotica.
5) You don’t want your spouse finding out you write about them behind their back – under the category “psychological horror”.
6) You don’t want everyone in the pub knowing you like writing science fiction and fantasy because they’ll called you “Sheldon” and mock you forever.
7) You don’t want everyone reading your new horror story believing you are a psycho.
8) You want to win a prestigious literary prize for your serious literary novel – but you also like writing about fairies and witches.
9) You write about fairies and witches – but…

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