R. Clint Peters gives writers some great advice..

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As part of my continuing efforts to become a better writer, I have discovered another set of suggestions for being a better writer.

Know the Fundamentals of Writing

Every writer must know the fundamentals of punctuation, grammar, and spelling.  This is not to prove you were listening in class, but to assist your reader.  If they are constantly looking for your mistakes (I’ve done that a few times in some of the novels I read), you lose your credibility as a writer, and you will lose your readers.

Build a Burning Desire to Write

A writer exists to write.  Even on my worst days, I am still thinking about one or two things I can change with the book I am presently editing.

I am editing (for the fifth time) my first professionally published book, The Alberta Connection, a Ryce Dalton novel.  It was published almost two years ago…

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