Imagine being in the ICU and not being able to talk. Then imagine some smart ass orderly comes in with a sponge. From her book:
Life Support Dang Near Killed Me: Beware the Greedy Surgeon [Kindle Edition]
LaRae Parry talks about what it’s like to be semi conscious in the ICU fighting for her life. LaRae writes with humor and Witt. This is one brave woman’s story of what can happen when a simple surgery goes bad.

Living while Dying

sponge   Worst Sponge Bath Ever

With a goofy smile on his face, the young orderly began washing me with his cleaning supplies. What I wanted to know was this: How come a female nurse was washing my legs and feet? How come he didn’t get the lower half? Did he volunteer for the upper half, is he a pervert? Is he crazy? If he did volunteer, how come he’s not locked up in the loony bin?

To tell you the truth, I wouldn’t have volunteered to clean my upper part, surely wouldn’t. Did the cleaning crew draw straws and he got the short one? All I know is neither one of us was very happy when he slipped off my dirty hospital gown.

My stomach was his first casualty. As the orderly scrubbed my entire mid-section, he worked his way up to my chest, where things got way…

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