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Update: The way we’ve been keeping my Mom going through all her treatments is we keep saying We’ve Got Plans. She knows we are moving to Florida in 2015. Knowing that we haven’t given up on our plans makes all the difference in the world not only to Mom but to us as well.

I want to thank all of you for the prayers and the candles that you lit for my Mom. She is doing great. Mom had a pet scan last week and the tumor on her spine is GONE! And the lung Cancer is shrinking. Whoop!! Whoop!!!

As you can imagine Mike and I were dancing in the living room as the happy tears were streaming down our faces. Yes she has a long road ahead of her. But when you get good news like this it makes traveling on that road just a little smoother.

Mom has told us all that she’s not ready to die. “We have plans,” she says. She’s so right. We have been packing and throwing things away. Donating things that others can use. If we can’t use it or wear it in Florida it has to go.

My house may be in disarray, and there are boxes piling up in our spare bedroom, but I don’t care. We’ve got plans.

When that day comes in mid-March 2015, and we pull away in that U-hall truck, we will drive through this little town one more time and wave to everyone.  And there’s no doubt in my mind that there will be sign on the back saying: We’ve got plans, Florida or Bust.

This picture was taken on our trip to Long Beach Island at the Jersey Shore last month. My sisters and their families came down along with my Mom for Columbus day weekend. Mom was sitting on the deck when she said to me: “Is that a feather in the sky?” I looked up and sure enough there it was, clear as day. I said to her:”It sure is Mama. I told you this place is magical.”

When that white feather appeared in the sky above the beach house we all felt it. Something good was about to happen. Those angels of mine and her’s were working their magic. And sure enough two weeks later we got the news about Mom’s Cancer disappearing.

You gotta believe in something. For me its Angels, for others it’s God, Jesus, or Mother earth. As long as you believe in some sort of higher power there’s always hope. And hope is what gets us through the hard times in our lives.

We’ve got plans. I hope you all have plans too. Life is so short. Thomas Jefferson said, “Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today.”

Keep us in your prayers. Thank you all again.

The time we all get to spend with this wonderful, brave, smart, beautiful, tough as nails woman with the huge heart that we call Mom is priceless. It’s about making memories that will be in our hearts and minds forever. No doubt Mama, we’ve got lots of plans for family, friends, love, laughter and Florida. I love you Mama.. ❤