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When asked to write a short post on Social Security nightmares on Coleman Weeks blog I didn’t hesitate. This man has been approved then as stubborn men sometimes do, he decided to go back to work to see if he could do it. Of course he couldn’t work. And they denied him anyway.

Coleman is getting sicker. And if you ask me the system sucks for making him wait to be approved again..

Lets all support the man with the huge heart.

If you have a Social Security nightmare story I ask on behalf of Coleman’s wife Lori that you post it. If we all post our stories maybe it will bring about a change for the better in the Social Security system. Thank you for taking the time to read this..

M.A.B.E. with Coleman "What I See In The Mirror"

It took me ten years to get Social security, The Judge at my first hearing was nuts! He should have been retired. I couldn’t believe he was going to decide my fate. He told me that if I was 50 with all the same problems instead of 30 that he would approve me on the spot. But since I was too young I would have to wait.
My diseased spine wasn’t going to get any better. It was only going to get worse. Of course he denied me and I gave up.
Then one day I was in a lawyers office and this lawyer asked me what I did. I told him I was disabled but couldn’t get SS. Then I told him what happened. He told me to go home and get the ball rolling again. To fill out all the forms and when it was time to go…

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