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Autumn Leaves

Changing colors, dropping temperatures, pumpkin spice lattes: do these mainstays of Fall fill your heart with warmth — or with dread?

As the seasons change from summer to fall I start to feel sad. Yes you could even call it dread.

It’s how I feel every year while watching my flower garden wither and then die.

Sure the leaves on the trees may be beautiful vibrant colors that bring an instant wow to your mind!

But those colors and that moment don’t last for very long.

As Soon as the temperature drops just a little further those once vibrant leaves will wither. They’ll turn brown and fall to the ground and the tree’s will all be bare.

That’s when we’ll hear sounds of rakes scraping the ground along with blowers all through out the town.

Winter will be here before we know it. That cold icy wind, snow, and rain.

I can feel my body aching for the warmth of spring and summer already.

No this time of year all I can think about is getting through these dreary seasons.

There’s less sunlight through out the day as the season’s change in Jersey. But this will be my last year to dream about the crocus that come up through the ground in spring. No I won’t be yearning for the sight of cherry blossom’s and dogwoods in full bloom.

So you can have your pumpkin spice, your ciders and your pie. The holidays may be the only bright light this time of year.

As I watch my last fall and winter season I am only thinking of the move. The drive down route ninety five past the Carolina’s and Georgia too.

Yes we are moving too the sunshine state where it’s summer all year long.

No cold temps that send chills clear through to the bone. No season’s to change just full days of sunshine and warmth.

On this fall day as I watch the leaves wither and die I’m only thinking of what it’ll be like in Florida the same time next year.

I know I won’t have to worry about the bitter cold cause it’s never coming as I’ll sit and watch the palm trees blow in the warm south west wind each day.

And even in November I’ll be able to drink my morning coffee outside in shorts and tee’s with my sexy bare manicured feet.  I’ll be so content just listening to the sounds of those mockingbirds sing.

I close my eyes and I can feel the warm sun on my tan face.

Winters will be sweet as we can still stroll down to the beach hand in hand.

We’ll watch as Siesta Key gives her spectacular nightly show. And I won’t be dreaming of the place I was born and raised. Cause this Jersey girl will be content in the place she’s dreamed of being since her honeymoon.

Yea soon I’ll be on my way. No more winter coats, no more wool hats and gloves. And won’t it be great to have my body naturally tan all year round.

No I don’t need to see those gold or orange leaves fall to the ground each year. And I sure won’t miss those pesky itchy balls that cover the cold ground too.

I smile as I think of sending pictures home to family and friends this time next year. They’ll be of us walking on that powdered sand hand in hand on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years eve too.

The only thing this Jersey girl will miss from her garden state is the bagels from The Bagel Bin.

But you can bet your sweet bippy before I leave I’ll find a way to get those scrumptious bagels delivered to the sunshine state.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.