Use your instincts when being set up on a Blind-date.


Blind date! Never again lol

My old friend tried to set me up with a guy her husband works with. I was scared, nervous yet hopeful. He turns up, disses my mate and her husband countless times. I have no problem with age gaps. But he wouldn’t confirm his age. But told me he is a lot older then he looks. Well he looks a about 50. He was funny. Well until he started bad mouthing his ex wife, told me of physical violence (he said it was her but didn’t believe him), two kids he hardly has contact with. Scoffed when he asked if my kids had same dad and I said no.

My gut told me to get rid of him fast. My son was upstairs and refused to come down. And my daughter was clinging to me the whole time. Major alarm bells. Then commented about scars…

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