You have the essentials, life and time. No more excuses.

Light The Trail

If I had enough time.

If I didn’t have kids.

If I had only stayed in school

If I…….

These are just a few examples of excuses we dredge up to explain to others and ourselves why we haven’t gone after or dreams, our reasons for failure. It’s funny how whenever we need an excuse one can creep so easily in to our mind and roll of the tongue with such sincerity we can even fool ourselves.  Excuses, they are the one thing there is never a shortage of.

It is unfortunate that we do not understand that the real reason for failure is us. We look for success but we practice failure; we refuse to have faith in ourselves, we ignore the call of our dreams, we are lukewarm in our own desires, we lack persistence and we give up too easily.  We fail to understand to know…

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