Some times you just have to thank the one person whose always stood by your side and never wavered in his love.

SEX w/ Annie

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Thank you Sir for loving me.

For being the kind of man that I can feel safe with.

For showing me how I’m supposed to be treated, with total respect.

For giving me the courage to let go.

For showing me what true love is.

For always being there when I need you.

For never judging me.

For always being a gentlemen.

For a life filled with love.

For showing me the other side of Vanilla, 😉 .

For taking care of me.

For all those hugs when I’m having a bad day.

For giving me a reason to smile.

For showing me that dreams can and do come true.

For never giving up on me, even when I gave up on myself.

For cheering me on.

For giving me the courage to publish my book.

For being my biggest fan.

For your loyalty.

For making me laugh even when…

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