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So with all the preparation for the first party I decided to plan an party for all the other people I would love to meet in person. All those people that I talk to almost everyday. Some of these people I’ve talked to for years.

There’s my girls from Living despite pain group. We started this group a few years ago and we have five woman. Dar is the Canuck, Kaye is the English woman whose living in S. Korea. My English rose Alana along with Karen both from England of course. , And the baby Roisin from Ireland.  Sadly Aisling who was our koala just passed away. So for you Aisling Willow Cahill I say;  Merry meet, Merry part, and merry meet again.  I have no doubt that Ash as we called her will show up in some fashion.

Now for the rest. The Aussie Elizabeth will no doubt fly in for this festive party. And I’m sure she will bring some of that amazing coffee with her. I have no doubt DG will fly in from Arizona. Did I mention she’s an author whose also a Canuck who spends her winters state side. DG is the reason I started this party as she so wanted to crash the one in NYC, Lol.

My best friends Sherry and Deb will already be in Florida and they are always up for another party. I’m sure Genie will be there with Deb and of course she’s invited.

Now for the authors, LaRae is our Funny Crazy lady. Donalie is the mamma. Tre is one woman who needs some sunshine and party on the beach. Then there’s Marie, Jas, Janie, Anne, Regina, Augusta, Jane, Wendy, Vivi, CF, And Erin. Now I know for sure there are many others. But these are the women who are not afraid to talk about sex. Their not afraid to let their hair down. Oh and they can take a joke.

I do believe that meeting this group of amazing women face to face and putting them all together would enrich all our lives.  And I can’t wait to see what everyone will be wearing. Don’t forget to bring your sweaters as it just might get cool down by the water as the sun goes down.

This party is on Siesta Key beach in Florida. There’s a long table with white linen table clothes and china. Blue and yellow flowers in clear vases along with pink bougainvillea  are strewn about the table. White votive’s and large glass jars filled with sand each with one white large candle.  There’s even sea shells some holding the place cards in front of each place setting.

Close enough..

Close enough..




Tinted blue Mason jars are the glasses I choose for this party.This way it doesn’t matter if you’re drinking from the huge pitchers of water with lemon slices or your favorite beverage of choice.  Oh and this is a BYOB dinner party. I will be sure to have a few bottle of Patron and a few bottles of Kinky pink along with assorted sodas, pineapple and orange juice, a cooler full of ice and two blenders for anyone who wants a margarita or wants to come up with a specialty drink for my party.

Ahh the food will be Prosciutto & mozzarella on brushetta. Grilled chicken with Italian seasoning, Tomato salad with fresh sharp Italian cheese and black olives a balsamic and olive oil dressing makes this perfect. Fresh green beans and asparagus seared to perfection with garlic and olive oil. And for dessert assorted pastries.

And as the sun goes down and we’ve all eaten we will sit around the fire pit and this is when the tequila comes out. Shots for everyone, even those who don’t drink would have at least one. We would need some entertainment so maybe this is where we let the guys come in. There always good for a few laughs. And who else is going to man the embers as we try and make smores.

Before the night is over I have one more surprise. I hand everyone a Chinese lantern. We would all make a wish then light and let them float out above the sea.

All in all it will be a great party with good food, and great friends and a lot of laughter. If you would like to come to this party just add your name in the comments and tell me what you think you can add to this party.

If I could really put this party together and one day I will I would love to see the pictures that will be taken that day and night. What a wonderful day it would be..

We always have room for interesting fun people who love to laugh. You need to have an open mind and a sexy side. Well DG that’s the party. Just pick out your beach outfit. Sandals are optional as we will have our feet in the sand that feels like baby powder. If I missed something or you have something to add feel free.

That’s my beach party and I’m sticking to it..Lol.. 🙂