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Seat Guru

You get to plan a dinner party for 4-8 of your favorite writers/artists/musicians/other notable figures, whether dead or alive. Who do you seat next to whom in order to inspire the most fun evening?

It’s funny that this Daily Prompt came up. I have what I call the lunch table. I’ve always pictured a huge round table. It takes place at Carmines in NYC. And the people I would invite have changed over the years. But I do have a few that are always a constant. My husband Mike, he’s my best friend and how could I possibly go to a lunch like this without my best friend.

My Mom is going with me to meet all these interesting people. She can hold a conversation with anyone. And she would absolutely love this. Mom gets to sit next to whomever she wants. This is not a formal luncheon it’s a meal with friends.

Whoopie Goldberg is one woman that I have always admired and would love to meet. She’s honest, funny and she knows everyone.

Carole King is my all time favorite singer. Her Tapestry album has been the one constant in my CD collection. Anyone who can write lyrics like that is Ok in my book.

Now John Stewart is the guy who’s going to bring topics. He’s also the guy that will get the conversation going and there will never be any of that awkward silence.

Elton John, I love him. I just have a feeling he would wind up being the life of the party.

Sandra Bullock seems to be a very down to earth woman.  How much fun would it be if she just happened to bring Melissa McCarthy. Now that would be when my Mom would tell me, “Close your mouth Annie,” Lol..

Robin Williams is next on the list. I’ve often thought that he might take over and that no one else would be able to get a word in.  But then I think he might enjoy letting others lead for a change. And can you just imagine the laughter after a few drinks.

Meryle Streep, She’s from Jersey and to me that means she’s real. So why not have her at my luncheon. And she just might come.

Joan Cusack is one woman who loves to laugh. She’s a little quirky and to me these are the best people to have fun with. I’m a little quirky too and so Joan makes the cut.

And the last person at my luncheon would be Steve Madden. Yup the same Steve Madden that makes shoes. I’ve read his story and he seems like a down to earth kind of guy. He’s from Long Island and hey he might even bring us all goodie bags.

Like I said my table changes from time to time. I have had Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt and Jason Statham at my table if for nothing else they would be fun to look at.

Now I know this is make believe. But if this was actually about to happen who do you think would call or text last minute to say they weren’t coming. Of course they would apologize. And maybe even say they would make it up to me. But I’m a realist. And I wouldn’t be holding my breath.

The fact is not one person on this list besides my husband and Mom would actually show up to have lunch with me at Carmines in NYC. But that’s Ok. Because sitting with the two people who love me the most and eating amazing Italian food would really be all I need.

In Fact screw all these people strangers that are put on pedestals. I’m making a new list.

Mike, Mom, Michael & Loring, Jennifer & Harry, Tammy & Tom, Steven & Michael, Ralph & Irene,  Along with all my nieces and nephews is all I could ever want to have sitting around a table breaking bread with me. If I could add a couple other people I would add my two besties, Sherry, Deb and Mike.

You see when it comes down to it we all just want to be with the people who love us for who we are. If any of those people on that fictitious list actually said yes to my invite I would be a nervous wreck. And who wants odjetta before you eat one bite.

Well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it..