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That's me at my nieces wedding.
That’s me at my nieces wedding.

I want to thank D.G. Kaye Gies or as I call her DG for inviting me to be part of this writing process blog tour! The idea of this blog tour is to let you know a little bit of the why and how of my writing process, and to introduce you to some new writers you might not be familiar with yet.

D.G. and I found each other on internet. She sent me a message from one author to another.  We started following each others blogs and Facebook pages and wouldn’t you know we have become fast friends. We have so much in common and I just love her outlook on life. And she gets my sense of humor.

DG is a strong woman who writes about women’s issues and life in general. . Every time I see a post that she’s left on my one of my pages I can’t help but smile. She has an aura about her even through the internet.

D.G. Kaye’s newest book is Meno What?  Let me tell you that this beautiful woman has a way with words. And she will make you laugh as she describes what it’s like to go through menopause. D.G. writes about trying to keep her sanity while her hormones are raging. There’s memory loss, hot flashes, dry spells, and the hair loss.  She writes all this and so much more. All of it filled with lot’s of love and even more laughter.


D.G. tells you how to take life as it comes and she pulls no punches. She’s a Canuck from Canada that writes from the heart. She’s also a firm believer as I am that life is short and we need to live it the best way we can. If you know someone who’s just had a hysterectomy or is heading to menopause Buy them this book. Heck I think every woman needs a copy..

http://www.amazon.com/Meno-What-Memoir-Memorable-Moments-Menopause-ebook/dp/B00KWANPZK/ref=sr_1_3? You can read D.G.’s answers to the blog tour questions at..http://dgkayewriter.com/.

I hope you find some new authors to follow while this tour is going on.  I thank you for stopping by. Here are my answers to the questions on the Author’s Writing Process Blog Tour;.

1) What are you working on?

Currently I’m working on book number two in the Second Chances series. So far it’s called Mike Sloan’s Story. But that can change as I’ve had a few titles. But I keep coming back to Mike Sloan. I also write my Sex w/Annie blog on WordPress.

This is where I give sexy, fun and witty relationship advice.  No I’m not a sex therapist with a PhD but I’ve been happily married to one man for almost thirty years. I believe their are two keys to every successful relationships. The first is communication, and the second is keeping your sex lives exciting and new.

2) How does your work differ from others of its genre?

Every writer sees the world in a different way. We’ve all grown up with the basic morals of right and wrong. We all have our own way of seeing things. I’m no different from others writers in the sense that I see stories all around me. Characters I’ve met in my own life I tend to put in my stories in one form or another.

The difference is mine are kinky. I also like to write books that are long enough to take on a weekend trip. You can’t finish one of my books while sitting in the doctors office.

We are all unique in our own way of thinking. And any writer that actually finishes a book and gets it published deserves a pat on the back.

I also do what I can to promote as many authors as I can. Especially indies. Indies don’t have the big name publishing house behind them. We are totally independent and so I tweet on twitter and share as often as I can, where ever I can.  I even post other authors books on my own Annie Edmonds author Facebook page.

3) Why do you write what you do?

I picked erotic romance as my genre after asking all the women around me and their friends what they were reading. The consensus was erotic romance. After doing some research I found that there’s a whole other world of sex going on in the world. And people love to read about it.

With erotic romance and BDSM I like to be as real as I can get. This is a fascinating genre. There’s only one problem, that is if you can call it a problem. It tends to get really hot at my writing station if you know what I mean.

Try to imagine putting a sexy hot story all together. As with any genre it takes a lot of concentration and dedication on the writers part.

But with erotic romance your dealing with kinky sex. And your senses as well as your body tends to wake up with all that sex roaming around and through your mind.

In other words your body does have a mind of it’s own. And it’s fun to write about this so called taboo subject. And that’s why I write erotic romance.

4) How does your writing process work?

I write at my dining room table. And since I live in a seven hundred square foot home, the dining room is actually in the living room/kitchen.

You might say it’s the hub of my very humble abode. There’s all kinds of life going on around me. And somehow I block it all out. Sure I would like my own quiet space one day. But then again It’s kind of nice being out in the open where everyone can see me. This way it might take me a little longer to write, but at least I’m not missing anything.

I have my computer, pads, pens, post it’s and my stainless steel Thermos coffee cup. The table’s a little messy but I know just where everything is.
I do write every day. I only wish I was disciplined enough to push all the other work aside and just work on my book each day.

When I’m in writing mode I try to get as much of the story out of my head and into the computer as I possibly can in one sitting.  I can usually write between a thousand to three thousand words over a six to eight hour period. Once I start I don’t stop till my eyes are closing and I start making mistakes.

With Sammy’s story I wrote one hundred and ninety thousand words, which translates into four hundred and thirty seven pages in seven months.  A month later I had it published. With the second book things are different.

I don’t think readers realize that independent authors have to do their own promotion’s. We don’t have publicist. In fact we are the writers, proof readers, publishers, and the publicist. Indie’s have to promote their own books or no one will know they exists.

Then there’s all the an e-mails to open. I try and check them daily. Or at least every other day. Then there’s my three blogs to keep currant. And of course I have writing prompts to do. It’s a lot of work. But I love doing it.
Maybe after I get book two out of the way I’ll find a way to delegate my time more efficiently. For now I’m doing the best I can.




Available on Amazon, B&n, ibooks, Smashwords and kobo.

Now this is where I’m supposed to just pass the torch for the next authors in the writers process blog tour to answer the same questions. But that’s not what’s going to happen.

The authors in my circle have already answered these questions.

So they asked me to come up with a new tour with new questions.

The consensus was for me to answer the questions first. Then pass the torch on to the next. So here’s the next four questions on the new tour that’s called;

About the Authors Blog Tour.

1) If you were beginning your writing career today what would you do differently?

If I had just finished with my first book I would without a doubt have already had beta readers. I’m working on getting Beta readers now for my second book.

Yes I read about getting beta readers before, during and even after I wrote my first book. But I guess I was scared to ask. Well I’m not anymore. This author is going to get all the help she can get. And that’s one of the first things I would do if I was just starting out.

2) What’s the one thing about you that might surprise the reader?

Maybe that I’m quiet when I first meet people. I like to scope the situation out first. Get a feel of the room so to speak. My first impressions are usually right on target.

If I don’t get a good vibe from someone I’m usually right about that person. And I can also tell who has a good heart.

I never doubt My first instincts. And that’s something that might surprise people. I may be an out spoken girl from Jersey but I do have my moments.

3) Tell us a little about your main character in your latest book.

The main character in my book Second Chances Sammy’ story is loosely based on myself. Samantha Raine is a thirty two year old Jersey girl whose been recently widowed. She’s been living in a bubble since her husband passed away in a motor cycle accident.
It’s taken her two years to finally stop beating herself up for not leaving her mentally abusive husband when she had the chance.

She’s a free spirit, who wants to live her life without boundaries. But she’s also cautious. That is until finds the kink room in her best friends Florida home.

It’s then that she realizes that there is so much she’s missed in the last ten years. She finds it strange that the kink room turns her on. And she’s willing to take that leap of faith,  but only if and when she finds the right man to teach her about BDSM and the world of kink.

And even though Sammy’s strong, she’s also the kind of woman that needs a man to hold her at night to feel secure.

Sammy is not a woman that needs designer clothes to be happy. And she’s not impressed by a man with money. What does impress Sammy is a confident man. One that will love a woman for who she is. A man that doesn’t want to hold a woman back from life. She’s had that, and she vows to never go down that road again.

In a nut shell Sammy is looking for her second chance at life and love. And she finds out true love does exists.

4) What are some of your favorites; Color, Food, Place?

Favorite Color; Turquoise/blue.

Favorite Food; Turkey dinner with all the trimmings. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love the food and being with my family and friends. I also love breakfast for dinner.

Favorite place; That’s easy, The beach, every one knows I love the beach. It’s no secret that if I could live my life listening to the water, waves, and seagulls, that I would. I love the sand and I’m in love with Siesta key beach in Florida. The sand is like baby powder. It’s never hot. Just thinking about it brings a smile to my face and a warm feeling to my heart.

 I hope you all enjoy meeting the authors on the About the Authors Blog Tour. Make sure you look for Augusta and Jaro’s posts next Monday August 11th. 

I met Augusta Fern and Jaro Berce on MARSocial.com.  We were all in a crazy writing contest that lasted four months. As you can imagine being in an altruistic writing contest you get to know the other participants pretty well. Working together and for each other you get to see what people are made of. And these two people that never disappointed when it came time to promoting others.

As you can see by their book covers, both of these authors write in two very different genre’s. What they do have in common is that they are both amazing parents that adore their children.

Augusta and Jaro are two people that I would always want on my side. They are loyal to their friends and co-authors. And they are also good, honest, and caring people.

Augusta lives here in America and Jaro lives on the side of the world in Slovenia. This is what I love about writing and the internet. Where else could you meet authors from all over the world?

I hand the About Author’s Blog Tour over to their very capable hands.. Enjoy!

August Fern’s latest book is Babet’s Epiphany.

Babet's Epiphany is Augusta Fern's second book in the Mort'e series.

Babet’s Epiphany is Augusta Fern’s second book in the Mort’e series.

Returned pen to page after losing my job during the economic downturn. My love and adoration for the pale immortals inspired me to finish the novel I had begun so long ago.

The one novel spawned an entire series, Morte’.

Revelations of Cian: For nearly two thousand years Scottish warrior, Cian, has endured a life of immortality; falling through European history, leaving his deadly mark.

After tiring of war and settling in New Orleans, post World War two; he mindlessly blocks his gifts while bounty hunting for the vampire Monarchy.

In the modern age, Cian finally discovers the mate he realizes makes him want to experience humanity again but the unnatural attraction he has to her is unsettling.

She and her children are pulled into his world, but little does he know, they are no strangers. New Orleans’ self proclaimed vampire queen, Madliene, has plans of her own for Cian.

However, his new found obsession hinders his allegiance to her majesty and her court. A deeply rooted conflict in the Big Easy brings elements of his past returning to aid him.

However, in a dark time of deceit, his inability to trust has him questioning their motives…including his own.

Babet’s Epiphany: For the six months Cian has been in Europe Babet’s life has calmed. If you can call her life calm.

With her father’s return to New Orleans and his devoted coven rectifying the city from Madliene’s rule, human and vampire relations have vastly improved.

Babet’s life is slowly becoming what it used to be, but it isn’t what she wants. When her father presents her with an artistic opportunity in the city she is desperate to return to, Babet leaves New Orleans but soon discovers being so far from home is a revelation unto herself. And who she is destined to be. The epiphanies of her life ultimately lead her back to what she wants most.


Jaro Berce’s book is Leadership by Virtue.


f12a44e50973024ee055a44cb66b2758Leadership by Virtue; The story is showing from a first-person perspective the internal growing up of a leadership process based on non-Western approach.

The main character, brought up in Europe and therefore used to Western “cultural background noise’ although practicing Chinese martial arts, has to learn and understand the differences brought by Far East principles if he wants to grasp leadership from a different angle On the whole, a Western leadership is thought and understood as an external process of a person that influences others.

Most of leadership and management books that deal with leadership and managers describe what and how to do it to be more efficient and successful.

They describe tools to use to do it. This is called an external process. Outward, because others see leaders as how they behave or how they use those tools in a leadership style and/or process.

But we all live our lives and perceive surrounding environment only from our internal eyes. Therefore, the focal questions raised in a book are the following:

Do all leaders have the same fears, problems, and difficulties or happiness, pleasure, and delight in being what they are?

What are their feelings when leading people, making decisions, or taking responsibility?

How do they sense and perceive their subordinates?

In a book, those are called internal issues and are dealt with and described through a different approach—an approach that is based on the Far East mentality and shown through Chinese martial arts and Chinese philosophy.

The book has eighteen (18) chapters. Chapters one to five are dedicated to the background setting and the evolution of the story and characters;

Chapters six to nine are devoted to open different approaches and mentality that is coming from Far East and Martial arts philosophy and in parallel gradually introducing difficulties in leadership process and (miss)understanding of those Far East concepts;

Chapter ten a main character is pushed to the limits of solving leadership dilemma and private concerns;

Chapter eleven is dedicated to “open the eyes” about the new concepts;
in a Chapter twelve the foundation of Far East philosophy behind Martial arts is described that would be further on used for the “Leadership by Virtue” principle;

Chapters thirteen to seventeen are telling one by one and thus portraying internal concepts used in Martial arts principles and Eastern philosophy and how to transfer those into (internal) leadership development;

final Chapter eighteen is dedicated to merge those Far East and Martial arts concepts and philosophies with “known” Western ones and thus opening a new entanglement approach proposed with the use of the Leadership by Virtue.


Don’t forget to follow all the authors as they answer personal questions on the all new;
About the Author Blog Tour.

That’s it for me. I hope you enjoyed my double tour. Hugs All, Annie