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Drinking Champagne on Siesta Key is something I would like to do.

Drinking Champagne on Siesta Key is something I would like to do.

Instant Celebrity

If you could be a famous person for a day, who would you be? Why? I think I would be Warren Buffett or Bill Gates. From what I have seen these men are smart and have hearts. They both can do what ever they like.  And yet they choose to give to the less fortunate.

If I was a monetary rich woman with unlimited funds I would be able to help so many people. Sure I would make sure in that one day that I helped my family for the rest of their lives. I’m not stupid.

But I wouldn’t be greedy. That’s what I thinks wrong with the wealthy these days. Their Greedy rat bastards that are never satisfied. They just want more money and don’t give a shit who they have to step on to get it.
Just look at the American Congressman and women. These people have either come from nothing and forgotten about what it was like growing up poor or middle class. Or they have been given more money than they could ever spend in a lifetime from a relative in an inheritance. They think they deserve everything to be handed to them on a silver platter.
And being a celebrity could never change who I am. If I was to become wealthy, or be able to live as a celebrity for twenty four hours I would do my best to be good to others. It’s just who I am.
I would love to be Warren Buffett. He seems like he cares and he’s a very smart man. Of course I would do my best to help my family first. Pay off their bills, their mortgages. Then I would purchase real estate and put it all in my name.  I’m not stupid.
Of course those twenty four hours would be amazing. So why not make them last a lifetime. Put enough money in a bank account so that me or my family would never have to worry about most things again. And if I could give to charities or set up a scholarship for the young adults that truly want an education. Well that would be the icing on the cake.
Money is the one thing that keeps most of us from living our lives. I’m not the kind of woman that would ever spend thousands of dollars on a single pair of shoes or a handbag. That’s just silly.
The one thing I would do that might be frivolous might be to get a bottle of the best champagne and sit my ass on Siesta Key beach and watch the sun go down with the one person that loves me no matter what. To me it’s the simple things in life that make all the difference in the world.
That’s my story and I’m sticking to it..