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We all get caught up in our lives and most never stop to just be..

Eternity is Worth The Fight


rumour said 

there was a wise old man

living in the mountains 

beyond the clouds 

where wisdom 

is not for sale

his only possession 

a silver beard 

reaching his knees 

acting as a bridge 

from mind to heart 

thought to action

theory to practice 

encompassing all

he left his home

at an early age 

to journey

solitude as his best friend

people said he was more than

one hundred years old 

he had lived in the mountains forever

thriving on the raw air he breathed

building relationships with 

the birds, the mountain lions

the trees and the rocks

some even said they saw him converse with the sky


i found him 

expecting many answers 

for my questions were many 

for many years I travelled

the arduous dirt passage 

to where he intermingled 

naturally with his earthen surrounds

high in the mountains 

beyond the clouds

whenever i visited 

he would…

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