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Gone with the Windfall

You just inherited $1,000,000 from an aunt you didn’t even know existed. What’s the first thing you buy (or otherwise use the money for)?

It’s June 8th 2014, Not sure if or when I’m going to post this one.

If and when I do it will be an easy one to answer.  I’d take care of my Mom.

My dad passed away suddenly four years ago. Mom and dad had a thirty five year love affair. They taught us how to treat our spouses. How to be kind to one another. And how to love with everything you’ve got.

This past winter mom finally got the courage to take off and go to Florida. She stayed with friends for three months. This was the first time she had ever done anything for herself in fifty two years. (My older brother is fifty two, my baby sister is thirty seven).

With no husband, children, grandchildren or great grandchildren to take care of Mom actually took time out to live her own life.

She learned to play Mexican dominoes, and Marbles. She drove a golf cart on her way to and from the pool every day. She did water aerobics three times a week with other seniors. And Mom made all kinds of friends, from all walks of life and she just had the time of her life.

When she got home all she wanted to do was to get back to her life and friends in Florida.

My mom hasn’t had an easy life. She had Rheumatic Fever as a child. Married an abusive man when she was still a teenager. Had two children fifteen months apart before the age of twenty.

She finally got the courage to leave my biological father with three children in tow, my sister was a month old when we left.

Then she found the love of her life and they had one more child to make that four all together. We lived a middle class life while mom raised four kids and did the very best she and my dad could. My dad was a trucker who hauled flammables for thirty five years. While mom drove a school bus she took care of all of us. Made us all a happy home.

When you are raised in a middle class family with four children its usually the mom that does without.

Fifteen years ago she went through a liver transplant.  It was a crazy time in all of our lives.  But together with the love of her family she made it though. We all thought we wouldn’t have to worry about her health again.

But Then my dad passed away suddenly four years ago. They had only been retired for 18 months.  We didn’t know if mom would ever snap out of that depression. So when she decided to take her friends up on their offer to spend three months with them in Florida we were all thrilled.

Then Three weeks ago she fell. My sister thought to be on the safe side she would take her for some ex-rays. The ex-rays showed a spot. Well that spot turned out to be Cancer.

So for two weeks she was stage one with two fractured ribs.  Then she just went through the final biopsy on her spine this past Friday. We all held our breath waiting for the results.

Yesterday we got those results. Stage four lung cancer that has spread to her spine. And now four fractured ribs. So you ask what would I do with all that money?

All she wants to do is get back to Florida. Once we figure out the radiation and chemo part of this horrible disease we just want mom to live her life any way she wants.

I would buy her that little home she wants.  In the Senior village she wants. Furnish this little home in the sunshine state. And let her live the rest of her life without having to worrying about money ever again.

Nothing else matters. Just when you think there are no more storms and only rainbows another storm rolls in. Another whack on the back of the head.  And this time we are all praying with heavy hearts that this woman who has always been there for us through thick and thin gets to live the rest of her life where she wants to live it.

This woman who has been through so many tuff times and somehow made it though. Who only deserves the best that life has to offer. This amazing mom, grandmother,wife and friend who would give the shirt off of her back to a stranger. Who has always put others first. My Mom deserves to live the rest of her life without worry.

Mom goes to church every week and believes that Jesus and God will help her through. I have my doubts as I write this. Where have Jesus and god been and where are they now. God supposedly helps those who help themselves. To me that says we are all on our own. And with all this family has been through time and time again we somehow have made it through but this time I’m scared.

Mom will turn seventy next month and she sure doesn’t look seventy. In fact you would never even know she was sick. I only hope she gets the chance to finally dance for herself.

I do believe that it was my dad who pushed her that day. Yes that may sound crazy to most but I believe that he is our angel and that he watches over us. Of course mom believes that it was Jesus himself that pushed her. At this point I won’t argue with her. But the rest of us believe it was dad too..

Money may not mean a lot to the people who have never had to worry about it. But to most it could mean the difference in a life full of hopes and dreams, or a life full of actually living out those hopes and dreams.

To my beautiful Mom I just want to say; It’s your turn to dance. You are loved more than you can imagine Mom. There’s no doubt that you’re surrounded by the love of family and friends.

Somehow together we will make it through this storm too. I wish with all my might that I could give you Mom the life you so deserve. I will find a way to get you to Florida. I’m not giving up just yet. You have a life to live.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it..

Update; Yesterday the 21st of June we had a celebration of my Mom’s life. It was a great day with family and close friends. She even got to meet her great grandson for the first time. It was a day full of laughter mixed with tears. Life can be cruel. My faith is dwindling. And I would scream if I thought it would help.

The Anti-rejection drugs Mom has had to take to keep her liver functioning seem to have let the Cancer do what it wants.

My mom starts Chemo and radiation tomorrow. If you can say one prayer for her I would appreciate it.. Thanks for reading my blog today..




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