This is why woman don’t put themselves out there. And why it takes them a long time to open up with another man. Teresa is one brave woman, follow her blog..


I know that my norm is to talk about domestic violence, but today I would prefer to talk about something different.  You see, I am not always so bleak lol I do have a happy side…I just don’t always show it.  That is because I like to inform people of what can happen and help them prevent it.  But like I said, I would like to talk about something different :)Have you been in a position where you had to go on a new first date?  No not the one with your long time lover but the one where you are starting life anew.  How many of you just jumped right in?  How many of you wore the crown of procrastination?  How many of you made the date, but then had something come up so you could cancel?I for one earned the crown of procrastination when it comes to dating…

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