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There's always the airport lounge.

There’s always the airport lounge.

Terminal Time

You’re at the airport, your flight is delayed for six more hours, and none of your electronic devices is working. How do you pass the time?

Argh! No internet access! Oh Shit! What would we do without the internet? Lol, there’s lots of things to do in the airport.

First I would people watch for awhile.  Then I’d take a walk through the airport shops. Have you ever noticed that these shops have some wild and crazy things?  I love airport shopping. Not that I can buy much in these shops. But it’s fun to browse.

There’s expensive purses and designer everything.  Tee shirts galore, from where you’ve been to where you’re going. There’s pins, jewelry and even an Alex and Ani store with my favorite bracelets. In fact I purchased a bracelet with a sea shell charm the last time we were in the airport and delayed.

So anyway, I’ve shopped and I’ve grabbed a coffee maybe even a cinnamon bun. And now I’m looking to sit down and write. I don’t need the internet to write. I only need electricity. And the airport has to have electricity. So I’m all set. I can write for hours. And I actually like writing in the airport. There’s no one to bother me. And they have these little cubicles with outlets to plug your computers into.  It’s like you are in your own little world.

And if by chance there’s no electricity or I just don’t feel like writing> Well in that case I could always walk into one of the many airport bars or a sexy “Lounge” as they’re called. The best thing to do is wait an hour after your plane has been delayed. That way when you walk into the lounge for a few cocktails most have already got their buzz on. They’re all happy and talking about the vacation they were just on. Or the vacation they’re going too.

So when a new person walks in they can usually just sit down and join in on the friendly conversation. Or at least that’s what I always do. I usually start out with some pleasantries.  A smile and a “How you Doin” usually does the trick. That kicks off some questions of where I’m from? Accents are a great way to start a conversation.  From there you get to meet people from all walks of life who are just happy to be spending time with others who are in the same boat as they are.

Once we get around to what everyone does the and they all find out I write erotic romance, well that’s when the party takes off in a whole other direction. It’s a great excuse for everyone to talk about sex. The stories you will hear about one night stands and crazy nights of sex are always the best. And it’s usually the quiet one that hasn’t said much in the last hour that will start laughing and have the best sex story.

By the time the plane is ready to board you know everyone that’s been in that airport lounge. Most will sleep the entire way home. But others will continue to party until they get cut off by a flight attendant who’s not in the mood for a loud obnoxious passenger. So all in all not having the internet isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

I would be fine with a six hour delay. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it..

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