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The planet Mars

The planet Mars







Longing for Gravity

You are on a mission to Mars. Because of the length of of the journey, you will never be able to return to Earth. What about our blue planet will you miss the most?

Well what kind of mission? Can I bring my husband and family?  This Jersey girl isn’t going to Mars no way no how without the people that make her life worth living.

And why are they picking me anyway?  I really have no desire to go into space. Aerospace or any part of the “Outer-space” just doesn’t do it for me. Pick someone else please. I bet George Lucas would love to go..

But the question is what would I miss the most about the blue planet? That’s easy. The ocean, I love the sound, the smell and the way it makes me feel.

You know what,  I’m not going on this mission, Screw it! I need more information before I can commit to this kind of question.

And another thing; Do they even have electricity up there on Mars or would I have to bring a lifetime supply of batteries if you know what I mean.  😀

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it..



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