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Chocolate Cake anyone?

Chocolate Cake anyone?

You walk into your home to find a couple you don’t know sitting in your living room, eating a slice of cake. Tell us what happens next. 

First of all I live in Jersey, If there were truly strangers in my living room eating cake this would be a very short story. Hello 911. The end..

But since I can make a story up here goes the sexy side of Chocolate cake.

As I turned the corner about to turn into the driveway I saw a strange black Mercedes parked in front of the house.  Before I could get out of the car I received a text from my husband. “Our guest have arrived early. Your sister is picking up the kids from school. We have the weekend to have fun. I know this is our first time meeting Calvin and Sophie ,be there in an hour. Let your inhibitions go baby. I love you.”

So I thought, Oh shit, This isn’t how we planned this weekend. My husband is going to get it when he gets home. How will I handle this kinky couple all by myself.

As I walked into the house with the bag from the liqueur store I could see a tall, well built very handsome man with dark hair in a tailored suit. He was opening a bottle of wine at the breakfast bar.

When he saw me his face lit up with a warm smile. And I couldn’t help but blush, as I smile back he said, “It’s so nice to meet you in person Annie.  Talking on the phone and skyping is just not the same. I know things are not starting out as we planned but we will just get to know each other while we wait for your husband.”

His wife Sophie was sitting on the other side of the granite with four wine glasses to the left of her. She must have noticed that I let out a sigh of relief, and she started to laugh.

The more she laughed the easier it was for me to relax.  She broke the ice.

And as I looked over at the clear cake plate with lid displaying a lovely chocolate cake sitting right in the middle of the island Opened the draw and pulled out a cake server.

When she saw me she smiled as she said,” Annie,  Your husband  Mike told us to let ourselves in with the key under the mat, I sure hope you don’t mind. We both knew you both would be home soon.

The reason we’re early is that there is usually more traffic coming out of The City on a Friday afternoon and so we figured  if we get an early start. We told Mike that we could wait in a diner till he got home but he insisted that we make ourselves comfortable.

So I did what any good woman that’s getting ready to have a full weekend of desire, passion and hot kinky sex would do. I got out some plates and I cut that beautiful cake into huge slices and gave them each a piece and one for myself. As This handsome man poured the wine he then made a toast.

“Here’s to new friends, Chocolate Cake and kinky weekends. Annie was really glad to see Mike walk through the door. She was also relieved that she had bought that sexy chocolate cake the day before.