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My Mike, the one I live with, laugh with, love.

My Mike, the one I live with, laugh with, love.

Last but not least in my imaginary award acceptance speech, Who’s the very last person and most important person I would thank. That’s an easy one because the first person I would thank would be my mom. She is the one person that has always told me how it was. That I have the talent and brains to do what ever it is I put my mind to.  My mom doesn’t sugar coat anything. She is honest to a fault. And I think that’s what makes her so special. She has shaped me into the person and strong woman I am today.  And I thank her for it.

Now back to the question. The last and most important person I would thank would be the one person who without doubt gets me. He’s the person that knows me inside out and backwards. He knows me better than I know myself. And he is my biggest fan along side my mom. He lets me be me. And there is no doubt that he loves me unconditionally.

Yes my husband Mike is undoubtedly the last person and the most important person I would thank for standing by me. For making me take care of myself when I forget too. For always making sure I am comfortable and that I have taken my pain meds, and that I have eaten. For seeing I’ve done to much for the day and letting me go that extra distance, only because he knows that if he try’s to stop me now I will only push myself further. You see he also knows that I am one stubborn woman.

Mike fell in love with me before I even knew he existed. And once he got my attention he wasn’t about to let me lose it. Like I said he knows me. When I had my car accident, surgeries and couldn’t walk on my own he gave me back my life. He never gave up on me even when I gave up on myself. And now that I am writing and publishing books he is my biggest fan. The one that makes me laugh when I have to do yet another re-write or I’ve lost important parts of my story. Mike is the voice of reason when I need it. He is my rock and my heart and I love him with everything I have. And I know without a doubt that he loves me back just as much. We have been through so much and come so far.

And today as I write this fictitious acceptance speech I can only think of one person who would be my last but certainly not least person to thank. And that would be my Mike. The man with the sexy smile and the one that can turn me on with just a few words anytime day or night. Thank you baby for always being there for me. I love you!