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If I could split my time evenly between two places and two places only I would have to say I would be in Siesta Key, Florida on the beach most days. And the other would be wrapped up in my husbands arms.

Now I know most might think that my husbands arms isn’t a place. But to me it’s a safe place to be. A warm place of solace where I can find peace and love.

Siesta Key is my favorite beach. And being at the beach soothes my soul. With the powdered sand to walk on that is always the right temperature. And the sounds of the waves lapping against the shore. The breeze that keeps me cool in the hot Florida sun. The beach brings out my sexy side. It’s always where I want to be.

Yes when I close my eyes I am wrapped up in my hubbies arms on Siesta Key Beach..I could be very happy in both these places at any given time.

I have no doubt that one day I will be there full time. Which place you ask? If you have to ask you just wouldn’t understand..