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A continuous story that just might make you blush…

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John Brooks reclined stiffly on a black leather couch so soft it felt like velvet. His forearm draped over his brow shading his eyes from the light in the doctor’s office and seemed to subconsciously conceal his emotions. John’s wife and family made a visit to the Viennese psychiatrist, Dr. Saurpoose, mandatory after learning of his second life, which exist in the world of voyeurism. It was obvious that John was nervous with this initial visit with the doctor.

“Well Dr. Saurpoose,  I don’t know where to start.” He shrugged his shoulders as he spoke.

The doctor, a spectacled balding gentleman in his sixties, sat cross-legged in a matching leather chair equally plush. As he stared at his notepad and pen he began the discussion.

“Vell Mr. Brrrooks, you might start by describing what you feel the day prior to your visit to the club.”

“ I am happy, I…

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