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The Jersey shore in October was amazing in 2013.

If you are looking for all the sexy talk just look for Sex w/Annie might be up in the corner or if all else fails use the url http://www.aedmonds315.wordpress.com that will no doubt bring you to a page that will make you say Hmm.

This is the softer side of me, the place where I put beach pictures and talk about being at the beach. We go to the Jersey shore all summer long. But come October we rent a house on the beach. Its just a special time of year. The people are gone so we basically have the place to ourselves. So many amazing things have happened at the Jersey shore. A lot of my best memories are there. Family pictures that have been taken are the ones displayed on my walls and the walls of my siblings and mom.

What can I say I love the beach. And no matter where I end up I will always love the Jersey shore..