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Every Sunday is Sexy Sunday 4 pm, have sex with Annie at Sex w/Annie, aedmonds315 or http://www.aedmonds315.wordpress.com. Go ahead Click on that link.
I am on a mission to get couples to start having sex once again. If couples can find their sexy side and just start doing it at least once a week than I will feel like I have done what I set out to do.

Let the revolution begin. Its time to start having sex again. Weather it be Sexy Sunday, or Wacky Wednesday, or even Freaky Friday. Just start doing it. Have you had sex this week?

Sex doesn’t have to mean intercourse. It could be a candle lit massage, or a shower together. As long as you and your partner are connecting on a sexual level that’s all that matters. When was the last time you looked into each other’s eyes and said I love you. Or kissed your partner passionately.

It really doesn’t take much to turn a woman on. A kiss on the neck or some sexy talk can make all the difference in your relationship.

There are couples all over the world who aren’t happy with their partners for some reason or another. Maybe it’s the kids are getting ready to leave for college and they just don’t know each other any more. Take this time to rekindle what you once had. Send her flowers. Sweep her off her feet. And ladies if he has no interest it’s time for you to get creative.

Don’t you think your relationship is worth another try.. I do..