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Don't you like to play..

Don’t you like to play..

Erotic Romance,

Vanilla is fine but Kink is so much better is what I always say.
This is a love story with a kick of kink. You won’t be able to put down or stop thinking about..Try the sample..

Here is a taste of some Drama that happens inside Sammy’s story. High alert!
Jenna, Wyatt’s new girlfriend found a table with cupcakes on it and that was enough to sober Sammy right up. They handed her two cupcakes and told her to eat. Within twenty minutes Sammy was feeling better. Jake was glad to see her so happy and he saw the ladies were watching out for her.
Sammy didn’t seem to have a care in the world. She had icing on her lips and Jake bent down and took her mouth in his, wiping up the chocolate and vanilla icing with his tongue as he backed off the kiss. Sammy didn’t even realize what he was doing as she loved the attention he was giving her in public. With each bite of the huge cupcake’s Sammy would try and lick her lips to get the icing but she missed every time and Jake couldn’t help himself, he thought it was cute.
Chris’s girlfriend Darlene saw what Jake was doing and said, “Nice save Sir.” He smiled and winked at her as if it was a secret, but the other ladies saw what he did and thought it was truly romantic how he was taking care of his petite little lady. The guys were about ready to leave, but before they did Sammy said she needed to use the ladies room one more time after drinking all that water. They all decided to go too. The men being perfect body guards walked the ladies through the crowd of people. They watched to see if anything was out of the ordinary as the ladies danced to the music in a straight line the men made a path right up to the bathroom trailers. Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time today and Sammy didn’t let that bastard Brandon Moore put a damper on Jake’s birthday with his friends.
As each of the women made their way out of the port a trailers one by one they all seemed to fall in line behind Wyatt. They couldn’t help but laugh as they watched how the men actually had them trained. Once they were all safely in line the men seemed to breathe again.
By now they had been there for hours, the temperature was rising, they had all eaten and drank their full of local cuisine and fabulous wines. The men didn’t even have to talk the ladies into going. They were all ready to finish celebrating Jake’s birthday back at his house out by the pool. They were hot by now and the thought of taking a swim in Jake’s pool or the ocean was something that they all thought was a great idea.
The guys had let their guard down just a smidge and decided to go into a tent that was set up for purchasing some of the different wines they had tasted today. These wines at the event were limited and could only be purchased at the tent or the winery itself. Jake stocked up on Sammy’s two favorites. He knew she didn’t like many wines and he even picked up a case for the O’Hara’s. He thought that a case of wine could never repay their friends for bringing Samantha to Siesta Key and he would find a proper gift at some point, but for now a case of great wine was a good idea. He came out of the tent first; he had a case of wine up on his strong shoulder, the rest he was having delivered to his home. He saw that the girls were at a table filled with jewelry that was set up just a few feet away from the wine tent, but Jake started to panic when he didn’t see Sammy anywhere.
Chris had stayed outside and was supposed to be watching Sammy and the girls while the other men were in the wine tent, but when Jake saw Chris he was just standing there looking at his cell phone. Jake walked up to him and asked him; “Where is Samantha?” Chris didn’t look like himself and made light of it at first, he pointed to the girls at the tables. Then Chris quickly got a panicked look on his face when he saw that Sammy was not with the girls. Jake put the wine down at his feet and asked the girls; “Where is Samantha?” Mel told him the last time she saw Sammy was just a few minutes ago. Then Miya said; “She was standing at the table looking at the bracelets a second ago.” Jake looked down on the ground and saw there were a few bracelets from the table on the grass and he panicked.
Wyatt then came out of the tent with a case of wine on his shoulder and Jake told him what happened. He looked at Chris with disgust as he put his case of wine down next to Jake’s and picked up his phone to see where Sammy was since she had the microchip’s planted in her bracelet as well as the sandals she was wearing.
The men were looking above the crowd of people as they waited with the girls for what seemed like a long time, but was actually less than a minute to see where Sammy was. Jake was beside himself as he now was standing on a table to see if he could see her above the crowds of people. He even called out her name; it broke the girl’s hearts to see him like this.
Jake was always such a strong man, he was always keeping things together coming up with solutions in their group of friends. To see him like this was overwhelming. Jake didn’t see her anywhere. As Wyatt punched a few codes into his hand held computer, Chris was now helping and had police officers close the parking lot. The officers were also canvassing the crowd looking for Sammy and Brandon Moore too. They knew if she was gone he had taken her. Jake was frantic by now, how could this have happened with all the precautions that had been taken, where was she?
Then Wyatt said “I’ve got her.” She was not far, the ladies were told to stay put, as Wyatt and Mike headed to the parking lot. Jake and Garrard were right behind them. Just as they approached the parking lot Wyatt pointed in the direction of some cars. He and Mike seemed like they were speaking some secret unspoken code and they started running towards a dark grey Beemer. The two men could see Brandon throw Sammy into the back seat.

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