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When I published my erotic romance, Second Chances Sammy’s story I was so proud of myself. IT’s the kind of book I want to read. There’s a beginning a middle and an end. Yes you read that right, No cliffhanger, which is odd for an erotic romance book.

I could have easily taken the book and split it in two. But I didn’t want to do that to my readers. There’s plenty of cliff hanger books out there. I thought I would give the readers something different. I also made shore There was plenty of hot kinky sex and that starts on page seven.

There’s almost a hundred pages in the sample. That gives the reader a choice to either go on and finish the 437 page book or say its not for them.

I did my best to introduced a lot of the characters in the my debut novel that I will be using in future books. And I added some of my own personal life’s trials and tribulations into this beautiful love story with a kick of kink as well.

Samantha Raine was married for eight years to an abusive man who died in a motorcycle accident.

After two years she stops punishing herself for letting a man treat her with disrespect and mental abuse. She leaves Jersey to watch her best friends beach front home in Siesta Key Florida. She knows it’s time for her to let go of the past and start living her life. She opens her heart just enough to let Jake Monroe show her the way. What she doesn’t know is that her best friends had been telling Jake all about her for the past two years. And he’s been waiting for her.

Jake teaches Sammy about his life of kink in such a way that she finds she likes be submissive. He shows her that BDSM is not only about being tied up and whipped. And that its about trust and letting your inhibitions go. This book has it all. There’s the sex, and the drama. The sexy rich Dom who finally finds the one submissive who will steal his heart. And of course the beautiful submissive Sammy who only wants to please her Dom.

The readers have told me they couldn’t put it down. and that when they did they thought about it and couldn’t wait to pick it back up and find out what happens next.

As for reviews, One week I get a five-star review the next a one star. Its hard enough to get readers to give an indie a review. And I’m not going to get upset the next time I get a bad one. There are readers for every genre. Some can handle the kink and some would rather tear you apart with the hope that you stop writing. Well I don’t scare that easily. Sure I would love five star reviews all the time. But I have always been a realist. I would just love some reviews period. I don’t think most readers realize that an indie’s book will get lost if they don’t get reviews. As a reader I had no idea until I actually became a published author. I now review a book as soon as I’m finished with it.

What keeps me going is the readers that have told me that their sex lives have gotten better because they have read scenes from my book to their spouse’s. I even had one woman who sent me a message telling me that she and her long distance boyfriend were reading the book together while Skyping. Now that sounds pretty kinky even to me. I love it..

I am proud of what I have accomplished. I lived and breathed Sammy’s story while I wrote the 190,000 words none stop for seven months. She is part of my family, lol. The book is so hot it sizzles. I would suggest you read it with a warm body close by, or have your adult toy chest ready. Just Enjoy the ride.

I am currently writing the second book in the series. Sorry to say I think this one will be a cliff hanger. It just seems to be going in that direction. And I am also doing my best to help couples get their sex lives back on track with my Sex w/Annie blog.  Sexy Sunday is a blog that I started writing in early February 2014.

The response has been amazing, Thank you all for cheering me on. I won’t give up on getting couples to have more sex. I believe its the key to keep a relationship happy and together. As you must know by now I love the beach, gardening, cooking, and I am in love with my husband Mike.


My Sex w/Annie is the blog attached to this one. aedmonds315.wordpress.com Just in case you want to check it out. I post my Sexy Sunday blog by 4 pm on Sunday’s of course. So you don’t forget why not follow my blog and leave your e-mail so that you automatically get the post each week in your e-mail..