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With all this social networking and promotion I’m doing I somehow need to find the time to just write.
Yes writing is what I do. But being an indie has made it hard to find time to just write. It seems the blogs and social networks won’t take care of  themselves.  Opening the e-mails can take all day.I have signed into every site that claims they are the one that’s going to get the word out about my debut novel but never seem to do. I have uploaded and downloaded links, blurbs and excerpts to just about everyone and I wonder if anyone knows I’m there.

Then something happened.  I turned a corner, and even though the reviews haven’t come in like I would like. People are reading my book. They are uploading it. Maybe their saving it for a rainy weekend or a week at the beach this summer. It just makes me happy that they have it and will one day read the story I put my heart and soul into. And since it is my first book maybe the punctuation isn’t the best. But the story is solid.

I still can’t believe I wrote it. Sometimes I have to upload an excerpt for a social network or interview. And when I read the words on the screen I get a warm feeling of accomplishment. I can’t explain it but its amazing.

I wrote a novel, an erotic novel. And I own it. One with more sex and BDSM than I ever thought I would write about. Its not a short thirty page book and its not a cliff hanger. No I had to go all in and write the kind of book I would like to read. One that you can’t finish while waiting for your doctors appointment. One where you don’t have to purchase the next book to find out what happens. And one that makes you get up off your seat because the sex is so hot you need to cool off. And when I hear from readers that they are having sex because they’ve read or are reading my book I get that warm and happy feeling.

I typed over 190,000 words in seven months which comes out to 437 pages. and I looked at more sex and porn then I ever thought I would look at in my lifetime. But hey someone has to do the research, Right?  I can tell you all I had my moments. When I would have to re-write an entire chapter because I decided to go in another direction. Well those were the lows. But I remember writing the last chapter and tears were rolling down my face. I thought I hope this book has this effect on my readers. But I know why I was crying. It wasn’t just the story of Sammy and Jake, it was seeing that goal in front of me. I think if you want to write a book you should do it. Even if its art or photography, what ever it is you want to do Just go for it.

I believe in my book. I also believe that the story is a really good one. The story could hold its own even if I took all the kinky sex out. So what’s a writer to do when she believes in a story but can’t get the readers to leave a review.

Well I tell you what I’m going to do. I am going to write the second book in the series.  And I’m going to do what all the other authors are doing. Yes I’m writing a cliff hanger. I’m going to chop the book in two and have the second and third book done by the time I finish the third, which is actually the second.

I am not in this to make money. If I wanted to make money I sure as hell wouldn’t be a writer. No I would be a publisher or an editor. That’s where the money is. I bet most readers have no idea how much it cost for a writer to have her manuscript edited. 190,000 word manuscript cost at least $1,000 to edit. Yes they charge by the word. And that’s just spelling and punctuation.

I am just going to keep going and tell myself its going to be alright. People are going to read my book and one day hopefully soon someone is going to tell a friend about the erotic romance they read. And that’s how it starts.

I am a newly published writer. What I need to do is stop fussing about the websites and the blogs. As 2014 approaches this author of erotic romance is going to go back into the world of hot sex and porn and make the next books in the series even better then the first

I am not giving up. No way, I am in to far to stop now. Sure I will stop and write my sexy Sunday post and then get back to Master Mike’s story. This writer is going to write. Its what I do best…

UPDATE; I am writing while blogging. Something clicked and people are actually following my WordPress blog. Thank you all. I am actually doing it all while writing a really great second book.. Stay tuned and follow this blog for updates on the new book. And my other blog which is Sex w/Annie to follow my Sexy Sunday Blog. http://www.aedmonds315.wordpress.com. Thanks for listening..a